Vagabond House | Burgundy  - Oak Branch Acorn

Vagabond House | Burgundy  - Oak Branch Acorn

Entwined Oak Pewter Stemmed Burgundy Glass
Item #: L2441T-1
Vagabond House's Entwined Oak Branch Pewter Stemmed Burgundy Wine Glasses are crafted from pure pewter and hand-finished. A weighted round base supports the stem; a figural of entwined branches of the mighty oak rising up to support the clear glass wine bowl in a bower of leaves and branches.

Our Burgundy (Pinot Noir) glasses are shorter and broader than the Bordeaux glasses. Made with the Pinot Noir grape, burgundies and pinot noirs are more delicate red wines, the bigger bowl on this stemware allows the complex aromas to accumulate and delight. In addition, our Burgundy wine stemware has the added benefit of replaceable bowls, a functional and exclusively Vagabond House feature allowing our beautiful artisan stemware to serve in your home for a life time.

Dimensions: 9.75" H 22.75 oz.
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