Vagabond House | Salad Bowl Large - Sea Life - Octopus

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Vagabond House | Salad Bowl Large - Sea Life - Octopus

Octopus Salad Bowl
Item #: O212SL
Ever a creature of mystery and myth to human kind, we are captivated by the ancient octopus. Vagabond House's large, pewter accented, acacia wood salad bowl exemplify the care taken by our designers to capture every intriguing detail. An octopus perched upon stag horn coral embellishes our stunningly burled serving bowl.
Crafted from all natural materials, the beautiful striations of lustrous acacia wood complement any green or composed salad you create.

Do not soak in water Do not put in dishwasher Rinse immediately after use and hand dry with towel Do not place in microwave Be mindful about the foods you put into the bowl - if you eat oily or saucy foods in the bowl, it's important to horoughly clean with hot water and soap and hand dry with towel Regular cleaning with a light vinegar base will also ensure that no bacteria is left behind. Oil with a mix of Bee wax and olive oil once a year.

Dimensions: 16"W x 4.5" H
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Price: $160.00 



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