Vagabond House | Salad Bowl Large - Song Bird

Vagabond House | Salad Bowl Large - Song Bird

Song Bird Salad Bowl
Item #: K212BL
Our Song Bird Salad Serving Bowl is crafted from exceptionally hard beautifully burled Acacia Wood. Exceptional joinery creates the elegant, inlaid look. The wide, somewhat shallow bowl is designed to showcase the elegant bounty of your salad and allow for ease of service. The bowl is embellished with a sweet, pewter song sparrow perching on a leafy branch. Cast in delicate detail, and finished by hand, the unique combination of Vagabond House pewter and fine acacia form a bowl that is a celebration in beauty and will bring grace to your table for years to come. Perfect for service at any nature themed occasion, our Song Bird collection pieces are always part of our family springtime celebrations here at Vagabond House.

Dimensions: 16"W x 6"T
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Price: $138.00 



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