Vagabond House | Liquor Decanter - Sail Boat Short

Vagabond House | Liquor Decanter - Sail Boat Short

Sail Boat Decanter - Short
Item #: O469B
The pure pewter finial on Vagabond House's Sail Boat Pewter Top Short Glass Decanter features a cabin sloop, sailing full mast and flying with the wind, taking your bar on a new adventure of style.
The finial decorates the cap style top on our elegantly curved "short" glass decanter. Decanting 22 liquid ounces with nautical style, this hand-finished piece is a perfect addition to any home.
For your reference-Standard U.S. Liquor Sizes are:
200 ml "half pint" bottle = 6.8 oz.
375 ml "pint" bottle = 12.7 oz.
750 ml "fifth" or standard wine bottle = 25.4 oz.
1 liter "quart" bottle = 33.8 oz.

Dimensions: 11"T 22 Ounces
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