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Octopus Glass Dome Cheese / Dessert Stand


We want you to have it your way!

Choose 1 of 3 bottoms for our beautiful glass domes. Each order consists of 1 dome and either a hand-blown, crystal clear glass stand (tall or short) or a round, beautifully finished, food-safe acacia board. The boards have a deep channel to secure the dome and preserve freshness of the goodies it covers.

Hand-blown in Italy, the thick-walled domes keep small bites fresh for serving. A pure pewter finial of a detailed Octopus in motion acts as the decorative, detailed handle. To rise above the crowd, choose the 13” tall glass stand. For beautiful presentation on any table, choose the 11.5” short glass stand. For a casual occasion or traditional presentation of a small cheese array, choose the acacia board.

  • Replacement domes sold separately
  • Hand-washing recommended. Dome and glass stands can go in the dishwasher. Use lowest heat setting, a non-acidic detergent and air dry.
  • Oil wood board 1x per year with food grade mineral oil, hand-wash and dry as needed.