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Vagabond House


Antler Double XL Corkscrew

Wine experts agree every home where wine is served should own a double hinged, workhorse of a corkscrew. They don't say it has to be boring. Add the call of the wild to your bar with a Vagabond House Natural Antler Double Hinged Extra Large Corkscrew. A combination of rustic elegance and sturdy functionality, you will own and use this quality corkscrew for a lifetime. Because we only use naturally shed antler, each handmade corkscrew features its own unique shape and color. The brilliant luster of stainless steel highlights the warm earthiness of the antler handles.

We proudly make our Natural Antler Handle products at our California workshop. Each item is hand-made and triple inspected to ensure your purchase is of the highest quality. Shed deer horns are organic and sustainable. No living creatures are harmed to obtain hand-gathered antler. Because members of the Cervidae (Deer) family grow new antlers annually, we gather the antlers shed to make way for the new antlers to grow.

4" W x 7.5" T