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Antler Single Taper Candlestick

Add the simple elegance of a single taper to Vagabond House's Classic Natural Antler Candlestick to create a cozy, romantic mood to any room. Add a pair of candlesticks with tapers to your dining table or mantle for an instant, classic décor upgrade. The soft warmth of candlelight reflects in the classic round and beaded design of the pewter base and fittings. The naturally shed antler shaft creates an ambiance of the outdoors, bringing in just a touch of the world of the wild.

Vagabond House uses only naturally shed antler to create our beautiful products. Renewable and organic, the antler is hand gathered after it is natually shed by deer and elk in North America and Europe. Living creatures are never harmed to obtain this beautiful material that is crafted into heirlooms for your home by our artists.