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Arthur Court


Carmel Large Dip Bowl

Create the most elegant presentation that French onion dip and potato chips have ever seen with the polished aluminum Carmel Collection dip bowl from Arthur Court. Long and low, the scalloped edges and fluted sides of the bowl echo the rolling waves along the seashore of the Monterey Peninsula, home to the collection's inspiration, Carmel-by-the-Sea. The fairytale-like hamlet is full of whimsy and natural beauty, echoed in the simply crafted, expertly worked metal of the bowl. This heavy aluminum bowl is the ideal vessel to serve dip or a nut-and-chocolate cocktail mixture on a buffet. Its classic elegance lends it perfectly to a bridal setting, offering wedding mints on the cake table. The bowl measures 8 x 7 inches around, with a depth of 2.5 inches, and can be cleaned easily by handwashing and polishing.

Arthur Court’s wavy edged Carmel Collection is California inspired by the fairy tale village of Carmel-by-the Sea. Nestled into the rolling hills where California’s central coast meets the gentle waves of the Pacific, the magical hamlet is filled with storybook cottages wearing roofs that swoop and roll, echoing the undulating waves of the sea.

  • Delicately subtle waves enhance the polished shine of this sizable Vagabond House buffet bowl
  • Deep, wide, heavy aluminum bowl is hand-forged with a shallow scallop and polished to a bright shine
  • Fill this buffet bowl with enough dip for a party or with piping hot garlic mashed potatoes
  • Size:8" x 7" Bowl 2.5 Tall