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Vagabond House


Glass Pitcher Pewter Monkey Handle

Unique, distinctive and detailed, an agile pewter monkey, inspired by an African Vervet peers curiously over the edge of Vagabond House's African Monkey Pitcher. Our clever designers have interpreted his dexterous tail to act as the handle of our classic shaped glass pitcher.

This pitcher is a grand show case for a Monkey Bite Cocktail Pitcher. To assemble, pour 2 cups pineapple juice into pitcher as first layer, slowly pour 2 cups Malibu rum into pitcher as 2nd layer, top with 3rd layer of 2 cups of Banana Schnapps. Serve over ice in lo ball glasses garnished with banana slices & pineapple wedges.

  • Glass base with handcrafted pewter adornment
  • Hand wash recommend if placing in the dishwasher use low heat and non acidic detergent
  • Size:4.75" W x 8" T