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Arthur Court


Grape 6" Napkin Holder

Make your entertainment space convenient for guests with this handsome grape motif cocktail napkin holder by Arthur Court. Great for accentuating a Tuscan or vineyard design theme, this silver-tone napkin holder boasts clusters of grapes amid stylized leaves and irregular vine framing for a visually interesting piece that grabs and keeps attention. Rely on the 6 x 4-inch sizing to easily accommodate your favorite cocktail napkins, and depend on the open top to provide easy guest access to those paper essentials. Construction from FDA-compliant signature aluminum alloy makes this premium holder safe for use around food and beverages while making it exceptionally long-lasting. Gift this intricately designed accent to members of your wine club when celebrating life's milestones, or keep it for yourself to spruce up your den or kitchen.

A large, detailed leaf stands on its stem as bundles of grapes and smaller leaves surround its bottom blades. Vines solidify the handmade, aluminum piece as they form a half-moon around the design. This holder is for 6-inch napkins on down.

W: 6.0" / H: 4.0"