The Factory

    Our Thailand factory consists of over 150 men and women who are true artisans. From the master carvers to the pewter casters working in the heat of the smelters and on to the team which soldiers the castings into the beautiful creations our designers have envisioned. To the polishers, packers and shippers each of them takes a rarely seen level of pride in all that they do. There are no machines to create the finished goods which appear on the store shelves. Each piece is hand crafted from many individual castings and touched by countless hands to craft them into the heirloom pieces which find their way into homes around the world. It is hard to picture a more dedicated group and it makes all of us so very proud when we see you as excited about our creations as we are.

    We have an equally dedicated team at our facility in Sierra Madre, California. Each piece of naturally shed antler is hand cut and shaped to create the timeless pieces Vagabond House has become known for. Nature has provided us with this wonderful renewable and environmentally friendly material and it is our promise to respect it and craft it into something that you and the next generation will treasure. Every piece it meticulously assembled, inspected for perfection, cleaned to the utmost detail, packaged and shipped from our Sierra Madre facility. Our passionate sales associates are here to answer any question and guide you to a successful collection catered to your individual home or location. We personally use our products every day in our offices, break rooms and homes and this creates a constant reminder of how important it is for us to provide you with the superior quality you expect and deserve. Please visit Sierra Madre on your next visit to the Los Angeles area and let us show you the wonderful gem of a community we call home.