The People

    Our family:

    Joanne Haas

    The matriarch of the Haas family. Joanne has had her own tax, accounting and business service for more than 35 years. Her expertise with business and her guidance keeps Vagabond House successful and growing each and every year.


    Scott, Birgit and Tom Haas

    Scott is the creative mind behind so many of Vagabond House’s unique ideas and directions.  While not only being one of our two designers which is its own full time job, Scott’s keen business sense and innovative ideas keeps Vagabond House fresh and new.

    Birgit and Scott married in 2011 in a castle in Coburg, Germany. Birgit was born and raised in Bamberg Germany and her linguistic talents have allowed Vagabond House to accelerate our growth on the global market. Birgit had worked in the European wholesale world for several years before joining the family and is fluent in 4 languages which makes her perfectly suited for her role as International Sales Director.

    Tom Sawyer Haas was born in July 2013. Tom stops by our offices each day around three in the afternoon and is eager to greet everyone in their offices and always seems to bring a little extra joy to our afternoons. He truly is one of the cutest little boys you will ever find (I’m sure you can find a Facebook picture of him somewhere) and reminds us of why we are so dedicated to making Vagabond House successful for many years to come.


    Will, Julie, Collin and Cameron Hardy

    Julie is Joanne’s eldest daughter and her and Will have been married for 23 years. Julie is our Director of Customer Service and her compassion and drive to every customer exemplifies our company promise to makes sure our retail partners and customers are always left satisfied with their Vagabond House products.

    Will is the Director of Sales and works closely with our dedicated team of sales associates and retail partners to assure that Vagabond House continues the growth and success we have worked so passionately for more than a decade.

    Collin Hardy recently graduated from Pasadena High School and is excited to be attending the University of California at Irvine in the fall of 2015. Many of you many remember Collin as the enthusiastic young salesman who joined our sales force at the trade shows when he was only 12 years old.

    Cameron Hardy recently promoted from the 8th grade and will be attending high school in the fall of 2015. His developing passions will fit right in at Vagabond House should he decide to join the family business after college.


    Helen Richard

    While not a blood relative of the Haas and Hardy families, we adopted Helen into our Vagabond House family almost 10 years ago. Her talents as a designer and artist are impossible to measure but reflect in the constant stream of new and creative products which her and Scott bring to life each market.


    The Rest of the Team

    The Mickle Family consist of Vicky, John, Matthew, Ryan, Travis and Kaitlyn. Vicky is Scott and Julie’s sister and second eldest of the Haas siblings. Her and John are the dedicated parents of four extraordinary children and work behind the scenes to assure that our books are accurate and that Vagabond House continues success with all of our endeavors.


    Our team of master carvers and craftsmen and women at our Thailand factory and our dedicated sales and production group at our Sierra Madre, California facility consistently embody the utmost pride in all that we do and strive to do to grow Vagabond House into the global presence in the luxury tableware market that it is today.

    Last but not least is our Valued Retail Partners. These luxury table and giftware locations honor us with the avenue to present Vagabond House to the world. Their dedication and continued belief in us is something that we honor and consider in all that we strive to accomplish.