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Round Bread Board with Antler Knife

Boule, sourdough, brioche all come in lovely round loaves that can prove challenging to slice evenly. Vagabond House’s Round Bread Board and Antler Knife Set is just what you to make quick work of slicing a round loaf. Sized perfectly for bakery loaves, the sturdy acacia board has a well in which the loaf sits for stability while you slice using the cutting guides. A Pewter Antler Handled Bread Knife featuring a finely serrated stainless steel head is included, guaranteeing that sliced bread is only minutes away from the table.

Vagabond House’s Lodge Collection features our famous shed antler embellished products and figural pieces of the animals who shed the antler we use. All the antler used to create Vagabond House products is naturally shed and hand gathered from forests and plains where the antlered animals live in the wild.

    Size:12" L / 14" W / 1.5" T