Medici Beading Double Old Fashion Bar Glass

The Medici Living Low Ball Glass is the perfect addition to any elegant and sophisticated barware collection. The glass is expertly crafted from clear, premium quality glass and is set in a ring base of intricately beaded pewter. This combination creates a modern take on Renaissance style, making it a unique and eye-catching piece for any bar setup. The pewter base adds a touch of ornate elegance that is sure to impress your guests. Ideal for serving drinks, the Medici Living Low Ball Glass is perfect for serving whiskey, scotch, and other spirit-based cocktails. Whether used for entertaining guests or just for everyday use, this glass is a statement piece that is sure to be appreciated.

Size: 3.5" H x 3.3"W
Care: Hand wash recommend - if placing in the dishwasher use low heat and non acidic detergent

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